Yeregui Arquitectos is an architectural studio based in Marbella, Spain, founded in 1989 by Anton Yeregui Uranga. Over the last 29 years, Yeregui Arquitectos has had an approach to architecture through a wide range of work, from hotels and private houses to restaurants and golf clubs. Based in the south of Spain, the practice has an international reputation, with projects in London, Paris and Berlin, to name a few.

Our Architecture is driven by a belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home, in the workplace, the cultural building or the public realm. Our design and planning approach embraces state of the art technology, use of the latest construction materials and spatial concepts, while empathizing with the traditional architecture of the site environment.

We believe that architecture should provide a seamless experience, from outside to inside. The starting point is to gain an understanding of the client's needs and the way in which a room, or sequence of spaces will be used. Our team has created interiors that span the spectrum from private houses to hotels and restaurants. The quality of light, the choice of materials, the use of colour, and the selection of furnishings and works of art are coordinated as part of the overall scheme; and each element involves the same process of questioning and refinement as the building itself. 


The Team


Anton Yeregui Uranga (E.T.S.A. Barcelona 1971) 

Antonio Yeregui worked in Vitoria until 1989. During that period he designed numerous housing projects including detached and semi-detached residences, town houses, apartment blocks and villas. He also worked on Head Office premises for major financial institutions (Cajas de ahorros, banco de Vitoria, Induban), Hotels (Ciudad de Vitoria) and Golf Clubs projects (Llarabea and Zarauz). Restoration / redevelopment projects include the Teatro pincipal and Palacio Zulueta. In 1989 Anton set up in Marbella and has since been responsible for the planning and designing of hotels, private houses, restaurants, and whole housing complexes, as well as many other projects throughout the rest of Spain and internationally.   

Cristina Yeregui Martin (E.T.S.A. Madrid 1999) 

During her university studies, Cristina's work was exhibited in Portugal and Madrid. She also won an award for a Recording Studio competition sponsored by Pladur. After qualifying she joined Yeregui Arquitectos in Marbella and has since completed housing developments, private villas, shopping complexes and hotel projects. Cristina has enthusiastically introduced innovation to the local architecture scene.  

Eduardo Yeregui Martin (E.T.S.A. Madrid 2004) :

Prior to qualifying, Eduardo gained valuable practical experience with various design studios, playing a central role in the environmental solution for projects, with extensive knowledge and application of sustainability systems. His experience embraces the design of office buildings, hotels, housing developments and private houses. He leads the practice’s research into sustainable design and the use of new materials and methods in construction.

Antonio Yeregui Martin (BA Arch. (Hons) Dip. Arch. London 2010) :

In 2003 Antonio moved to London to enroll in the undergraduate architecture program at Kingston University London, from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree with Honours in 2007. In 2010 he graduated from the University of Westminster with a Diploma in Architecture. From 2010 through he worked for the architectural office Foster and Partners in London, playing a key role in several award winning building and competitions including Banco Ciudad in Buenos Aires and the new Apple Campus development in California. In 2014 he returned to Spain to join Yeregui Arquitectos.